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Le Breton Traditional is a small business based in Mid Devon Established in 2004. We specialise in Traditional building crafts and skills for heritage and new build properties. The skills available include;

  • Plastering and Rendering (Conventional and Lime)
  • Stained Glass Repairs and New Commissions
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Stonewalling (both mortared and dry)
  • Cob Rebuilding and Renovation
  • Project consultation and craftsman networking


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The aim of Le Breton Traditional is to provide the best solutions, tailored for your situation, using the right materials. Often there is are very different approaches in renovation, between the use of modern or traditional materials. In reality it is important to be more pragmatic taking the best from both, using them in a way sympathetic to the building and taking into account all the other important factors such as suitability, longevity and planning. Le Breton Traditional also aims to produce work that has the appearance of balance and harmony with the surrounding space, be that carefully curved plasterwork or a beautiful glass design.